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Pro tip: If radical garbage to interaction your laptop without PPE, that's astir apt a motion it needs to beryllium cleaned. When you request to interaction idiosyncratic else's grody laptop and don't privation to discarded disposable protective gloves, you mightiness effort putting a expanse of cling wrapper betwixt your fingers and the keyboard.

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It's the commencement of a caller year, which means it's clip to kick-start those resolutions, whether that beryllium to exercise more oregon get organized. You whitethorn privation to adhd taking amended attraction of that aged laptop to your database of 2022 goals, too. Unless you're readying connected splurging for a shiny, caller laptop immoderate clip soon, it's apt your older laptop needs immoderate TLC. There's a batch you tin bash to agelong the lifespan of your existing system.  

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The longevity skyline of a laptop is analogous to the longevity of a human: It partially comes down to liable behavior, partially genetics and partially conscionable dumb luck. There's nary warrant that anything you bash tin prevention it from dying young oregon failing to support up with progressively demanding tasks. And there's nary warrant that if you dainty it similar crap it won't past acold longer than expected -- successful 10 years you mightiness find yourself cursing it. "Fail already you dilatory POS truthful I tin warrant buying a replacement!" That's the statement I person regular with my seven-year-old iPad.

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It baffles me, for instance, that my friend's seven-plus-year-old Lenovo Yoga 2 13 inactive functions, and really functions well. It's filthy, it's been knocked disconnected precarious perches by flying cats, it sits baking successful blistery sunlight, endures summers with 90% humidity indoors, and its operating strategy hasn't been updated in... I don't deliberation ever. She inactive hasn't filled up the 128GB drive. Recently she asked if she should upgrade to Windows 11 (from Windows 8.1). After picking my chin up disconnected the floor, I pointed retired that she astir apt couldn't; adjacent if it meets the requirements, it would apt beryllium adjacent slower than it is now. 


I kept connected utilizing it, reasoning the trackpad was conscionable going bad, until it popped retired wholly and I realized the artillery beneath it had swollen. Ah, the joys of the aboriginal ultrathin models! (This is simply a 2013 Samsung ATIV Book 9.)

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Yet, successful the interim, I've gone done astatine slightest 2 laptops, 1 with a artillery that swelled and different with a wiring and breached integrative contented that rendered the show unusable. They exited this satellite successful adjacent to pristine aesthetic condition. And she had to instrumentality her work Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13-inch after a twelvemonth of moving from location acknowledgment to connectivity failures, though it already looked beauteous beaten up.

Bottom line: It's a crapshoot.

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Hope for the best, hole for the worst

Data backup is connected my long, agelong database of "do arsenic I say, not arsenic I do" advice. But the longer you clasp onto a laptop, the much irreplaceable files and accusation you'll accumulate connected it. And the greater the accidental it'll crumble into e-waste. So earlier you interaction your laptop to code immoderate issues -- including cleaning -- you should backmost it up. 

The unwritten regularisation is this: If you don't backmost up your laptop, it volition acquisition a catastrophic failure. But if you do, past thing volition happen. Because that's the mode the beingness works.


No. Just no.

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Coddle it

I don't mean sing it a lullaby earlier you enactment it to slumber each night, oregon adjacent dainty it gingerly. Just usage immoderate communal consciousness erstwhile it comes to handling and storage. For example, don't think, "Awww, cute. Instagram it!" erstwhile your feline curls up connected your laptop keyboard seeking attraction oregon warmth. Think, "That feline is going to annihilate my MacBook's butterfly keyboard." 

Other elemental practices include:

  • Don't permission it sitting successful blistery sunlight.   
  • Keep animals and kids away. If you person to permission it unattended for a minute, shove it determination a small little accessible, oregon astatine slightest tilt the lid down partially truthful that the surface and keyboard are protected.
  • Don't permission it hanging disconnected the borderline of a desk, couch, chair, ottoman and truthful on. This is simply a bully argumentation for immoderate object, frankly.
  • Don't devour astir it (she says, flicking pistachio ammunition pieces disconnected the keyboard and digging flakes retired from gaps).
  • Wash oregon sanitize your hands earlier utilizing it to minimize ungraded and oils transferring. These tin physique up implicit the years.
  • If you lone usage it sporadically, support it successful the astir dust-free determination available.
  • When it's connected oregon successful slumber mode, don't screen it with cloth oregon permission it successful immoderate different situation wherever there's nary airflow. (This goes triple for Windows 10 laptops, since Microsoft's default is to aftermath them to unit updates, but not to marque definite it goes backmost to slumber afterwards. Twice I've had laptops travel adjacent to overheating successful furniture with maine due to the fact that having existent microorganism definitions are evidently much important than not mounting maine connected fire.)
  • Don't permission it charging 24/7. Note that depending upon the vintage oregon exemplary of your strategy leaving it plugged successful whitethorn not origin immoderate problems, but utilizing it off-power periodically lets you spot cheque incipient artillery oregon electrical strategy issues. You tin besides usage a utility to cheque however worn your Windows laptop artillery is.
  • Don't fume astir it. Nothing gunks up electronics faster.

You should besides cheque the adapter cablegram periodically, particularly if you've got pets. Run your fingers on it feeling for teeth marks. A chewed-through cablegram won't ruin your laptop -- they're designed to halt moving if the insulation is punctured -- but it tin get costly replacing them. My cat, Iris the Destroyer, earned her sanction by chewing done 2 Dell AC adapters astatine $70 a popular (among different reasons). If you drawback it early, you tin reroute them for safety. Plus, it's not bully for them.

If your feline likes to curl up connected the keyboard, get a tilting laptop stand -- Felix volition apt find an alternate abstraction connected your table that's adjacent little convenient -- oregon make a abstraction adjacent your table wherever your feline tin inactive supervise you and that mimics the radiating warmth of the keyboard.

Clean it

It's casual to disregard basal maintenance, particularly if you usage your laptop each day. You conscionable halt noticing the crud aft a while. But periodically taking a infinitesimal to analyse introduction points astir keycaps, the keyboard surface, touchpad surface, talker grilles, hinge, ports, vents and surface whitethorn prevention you immoderate heartache (and money) successful the agelong run. A filthy touchscreen tin marque it little responsive arsenic well. 

But adjacent if nary of it poses a semipermanent wellness contented for your system, you don't privation to hold until detritus builds up truthful overmuch that it's astir intolerable to get retired oregon off. Keeping the instrumentality vents wide and dust-free is particularly important. 

Streamline it

Every present and then, instrumentality a walk done applications and files, arsenic good arsenic programs and services that tally astatine startup, and jettison thing you don't need. Will doing that widen the beingness of the system? Probably not, but possibly by reducing a fractional magnitude of vigor generated by unnecessary processor activity. 

But astatine the precise least, periodically weeding it tin marque it feel faster, conscionable similar cleaning retired a country tin marque it consciousness bigger. And astatine champion you volition acquisition immoderate existent show improvements, including improved artillery life. It whitethorn besides crook retired that you don't request the representation oregon retention upgrades that you thought you did. And if you ne'er bothered to uninstall the bloatware that came with your Windows system, effort uninstalling it. A clutter-free Start Menu whitethorn amended show a little.    

The champion mode to marque it consciousness similar caller is to freshen the operating system, which fundamentally reinstalls it portion leaving your information and files intact, alternatively than wiping the thrust and starting anew. In Mac OS you usage Recovery Mode. Windows has a mates options: Refresh to reinstall the operating strategy portion preserving your files; and Fresh Start, which refreshes the operating strategy but without each the bloatware that mightiness person travel with it initially.

At immoderate point, you'll astir apt consciousness similar the incremental attack isn't moving for you anymore. Then it's clip to see wiping it disconnected and starting from scratch: You'll request to reinstall the aforesaid mentation of the operating strategy and applications. This tin beryllium trickier, since it whitethorn necessitate repurchasing aged programs, recustomizing each facet of the operating strategy oregon exertion behavior, debugging strategy glitches again and more. Plus, you tally the hazard of breaking thing that was moving good before. 

That's software. What astir hardware? Aside from upgrades, a laptop's hardware remains beauteous static. There's nary magic wand to question that volition marque your trackpad consciousness 5 years younger. One objection is artillery life: Changing your bundle settings tin marque a large quality to the battery's longevity. 

Here are immoderate much suggestions:


An outer hub tin greatly grow the usability of an older strategy arsenic good arsenic trim deterioration and teardrop connected the connections.

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Accessorize it

Using accessories specified arsenic an outer keyboard, rodent oregon show -- adjacent inexpensive ones -- whitethorn assistance prevention deterioration and teardrop connected the built-in components and hinge. More important, erstwhile those components of a laptop commencement to get wonky, the strategy itself volition inactive beryllium usable if you tin find outer replacements for the devices.

If you're perpetually moving betwixt desktop locations, it's worthy getting a dock oregon hub for those outer devices. This volition prevention deterioration and teardrop connected the connections from changeless plugging and unplugging. It besides adds other ports, which is different perk that volition widen the utile beingness of your laptop. Here are immoderate much suggestions:

Upgrade it

Because existent upgrades ever necessitate immoderate expense, this is astir apt 1 of the last steps you'll consider. But small, incremental upgrades tin marque a large difference. Not arsenic galore laptops enactment interior representation oregon retention upgrades arsenic they utilized to -- replaceable batteries adjacent little truthful -- but if you can, you should decidedly instrumentality vantage of the enactment arsenic you commencement to deed limits. That's 1 of the advantages of hanging onto an older laptop -- it's much apt to beryllium upgradable. 

That's arsenic agelong arsenic you consciousness comfy opening it up to instrumentality things in. Before you commencement down this path, marque definite to find an upgrade oregon attraction usher for your peculiar strategy to verify that it supports your plan. You should besides cheque that it doesn't necessitate costly nonstandard components, which volition outgo much than it's worth.


When I bought this inexpensive Asus UL30 successful 2009, it was partially for its upgradability and removable battery. The show failed earlier I adjacent got a accidental to instrumentality vantage of that. (It was astir apt fixable, but wasn't worthy it fixed the price.)

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External upgrades tin beryllium easier and much practical, though successful immoderate cases they don't supply arsenic large a boost. Or they whitethorn not marque arsenic large a quality arsenic you thought they would. I secretly added a Netgear Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) USB dongle to a tech-challenged friend's laptop, which was equipped with pokey Wi-Fi 4 (802.11 b/g/n). Speedtest showed that throughput doubled. Given however overmuch clip she spends online, that seemed to marque it worthy the money. 

She didn't announcement immoderate difference.

If you're moving abbreviated connected storage, an outer thrust is an evident enhancement. Unless you lone program to usage it to offload files you don't usage often, you whitethorn privation to debar going excessively cheap. A dilatory outer thrust tin beryllium much annoying than uplifting. You tin besides perchance amended show by booting from an outer drive, though that depends connected the transportation and the thrust speed.

Another imaginable show upgrade -- lone if you've got a newer laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 connection, though -- is to adhd an external graphics processor, aka eGPU, to boost velocity successful applications oregon games with dense GPU usage. This tin beryllium a pricey upgrade, though, and the enclosure and the graphics paper are often sold separately, which tin obscure the existent cost.

You whitethorn privation to see moving to a newer mentation of the operating strategy if you're not connected it already. I don't see it a no-brainer, though. If your laptop's crumbling to dust, a newer mentation of the OS whitethorn not unequivocally amended things. And you besides tally the hazard of losing the quality to tally immoderate applications. 

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Case successful point: In 2019, Mac OS Catalina (10.15) removed enactment for 32-bit applications. So if a programme hasn't been migrated from 32 to 64 spot -- and determination are bully reasons wherefore it whitethorn not person been -- the upgrade would really beryllium a measurement backward for you. 

Sticking with an outdated mentation of an operating strategy is wide considered to beryllium atrocious hygiene, though, due to the fact that you don't get the changeless barrage of virus, malware and information updates that up-to-date systems receive.

Convert it

And finally, erstwhile you're astatine the extremity of your rope, you've got thing to suffer by replacing the operating strategy with thing caller altogether. If your laptop powers connected and astatine slightest astir of the keys work, there's a bully accidental it tin beryllium converted into a Chromebook, moving Google's Chrome OS, to springiness it astatine slightest a small much utile beingness earlier it goes to unrecorded upstate connected a retired laptop farm.

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