Your Windows 10 PC Can’t Escape the PC Health Check App

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If your machine is inactive moving Windows 10, Microsoft mightiness propulsion the PC Health Check app connected you whether you privation to instal it oregon not, arsenic immoderate users are saying that the app is being reinstalled aft moving Windows Update.

Windows 10 computers with the KB5005463 update are seeing the PC Health Check app installed connected their computer, adjacent if they’ve already uninstalled it. Meaning that it appears arsenic though Microsoft is forcing the app connected Windows 10 users, possibly arsenic a mode of pushing much radical to instal Windows 11.

The PC Health Check app is designed to execute assorted troubleshooting and attraction tasks, but its superior intent is to cheque whether a PC meets the requirements to instal Windows 11. So, erstwhile idiosyncratic has gone done the process and decided that they aren’t going to upgrade to Windows 11, it makes consciousness for them to delete it.

Fortunately, Microsoft says you tin uninstall the PC Health Check app done Settings. However, readers are reporting to BleepingComputer that the exertion keeps being reinstalled erstwhile they cheque for updates connected their computer, forcing them to uninstall it aggregate times.

Of course, it’s wholly imaginable to permission the app installed and adjacent it, but immoderate radical don’t similar the thought of Microsoft forcing an app connected them. BleepingComputer recovered a to artifact the app from being installed utilizing immoderate registry tweaks, but this whitethorn beryllium excessively analyzable for immoderate users.

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