Zoma Boost mattress review: rest, recover and recharge

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Suitable for astir slumber styles, the luxurious 15” Zoma Boost has six layers to assistance you recharge during the night. The lone downsides of this hybrid bed-in-a-box see its higher-than-expected question transportation and its beauteous hefty $1,349 starting price, portion heavier sleepers mightiness find the mattress excessively soft.


  • +

    Luxurious and comfortable

  • +

    Sleeps chill

  • +

    Pressure alleviation for joints

  • +

    Promotes bully spinal alignment


  • -

    Expensive hybrid mattress

  • -

    Motion transportation mightiness impact airy sleepers

  • -

    Might beryllium excessively brushed for heavier individuals

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Zoma Boost mattress: two-minute review

US-based Zoma is known for making mattresses for athletes. So it comes arsenic nary astonishment that its newest mattress connected the market, the Zoma Boost, is specifically designed for radical who pb progressive lifestyles. Having tested the mattress retired for 21 days, it’s just to accidental the bed-in-a-box lives up to these claims. Night aft nighttime I woke up feeling recharged, refreshed and acceptable to prehend the day, truthful overmuch truthful that I see the Zoma Boost to beryllium 1 of the best mattresses for betterment successful 2023. 

The chunky 15” hybrid mattress is simply a small portion of luxury astatine home. It’s made up of six layers of axenic spinal-alignment-heaven. Its precocious cooling screen delivers an easy, breezy night’s slumber, portion its graphite-infused Energex Memory Foam wicks distant vigor and works hard to support you cool. Then comes its Quilted Gel Foam Layer to connection support. This is followed by the brand’s Reactiv Foam layer, which helps to devour up question successful the furniture and stops you sinking. The 5th furniture is made up of Zoma’s dynamic borderline coils which promotes due spine alignment (hello a amended back), and these beryllium connected apical of the mattress’ durable and supportive basal foam layer. 

The borderline   of the Zoma Boost mattress, showing a handle

(Image credit: Zoma)

You get a 100-night proceedings with the Zoma Boost, which is the minimum astir brands offer. Notching up a 6 connected the firmness scale, this mattress has a mean firmness to it. The contouring representation foam aspects of this hybrid assistance to comfortably cradle you successful a brushed hug without feeling similar you’re stuck — or worse, sinking. I recovered that adjacent erstwhile I was sleeping connected my front, this mattress was inactive comfy, though a heavier sleeper mightiness find this mattress somewhat excessively soft. 

I tested the mattress successful each large areas of slumber performance, standing it connected borderline support, cooling and unit relief. Overall this slumber strategy lived up to large expectations, but I wouldn’t accidental this is 1 of the best hybrid mattresses for question transfer, arsenic it had a small much question successful the furniture than I would person liked. It’s besides beauteous dense — the queen size weighs 130 pounds. Plus, determination was a beardown off-gassing odor that took astir 4 days to afloat dissipate. Read connected to larn much and determine whether oregon not the Zoma Boost is worthy your money. 

Zoma Boost mattress review: price

  • A premium mattress, terms wise 
  • Regular income mean a queen usually costs astir $1,599
  • Free shipping, though expect to wage a processing interest if returned wrong 30 days 

The Zoma Boost is the brand’s astir luxurious mattress, and besides its astir costly option, too. Prices commencement from astir the $1,300 people for a duplicate and spell arsenic precocious arsenic $2,800. Zoma regularly runs a merchantability which knocks a mates of $100 disconnected the MSRP., but either way, this means the mattress sits successful the premium mattress market. 

To assistance you navigate the satellite of mattresses (and marque definite you don’t wage anymore for 1 than you request to) I’ll beryllium focusing connected the regular merchantability terms successful this section. At the clip of penning this, you could get a Queen sized Zoma Boost for $1,599 (instead of the MSRP of $1,749).

  • Twin size: MSRP $1,349 (normally sells for $1,199)
  • Twin XL size: MSRP $1,449 (normally sells for $1,299)
  • Full size: MSRP $1,549 (normally sells for $1,399)
  • Queen size: MSRP $1,749 (normally sells for $1,599)
  • King size: MSRP $1,949 (normally sells for $1,799)
  • California king size: MSRP $1,949 (normally sells for $1,799)
  • Split king size: MSRP $2,748 (normally sells for $2,598)

These prices mightiness alteration passim the year, but to marque definite you get a deal, bash support your oculus connected our mattress sales usher arsenic it’s updated regularly and includes each the need-to-know discounts worthy giving immoderate thought to. When you bargain this Zoma Boost, you tin bask escaped 3-7 time shipping. Once your mattress has been shipped, you tin docket your preferred transportation time and you’ll besides get a tracking fig to support up to day with its location. There is the enactment of achromatic mitt transportation for $125.

If you determine this mattress isn’t close for you, you tin instrumentality it for free. Although if you instrumentality it wrong the archetypal 30 days, you volition beryllium taxable to an aboriginal $99 aboriginal processing fee. But it’s not each atrocious news. Upon removing a returned mattress from your home, Zoma partners with charities to repurpose it wrong the community. Unlike galore of the champion hybrid mattresses, Zoma doesn’t connection the enactment of a bundle with this bed. 

Zoma Boost mattress review: specs

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Price (queen size)MSRP $1,749 (usually sold astatine $1,599)
FirmnessMedium-firm (6/10)
MaterialsMemory foam, foam, coils
Depth15 inches
SizesTwin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, divided king
DeliveryFree modular delivery, $125 achromatic mitt
Trial period100 nights
Warranty10 years

Zoma Boost mattress review: materials and design

  • Hybrid mattress with foam and coils
  • Memory foam infused with graphite for a chill sleep
  • CertiPUR-US-certified

Do you get blistery erstwhile you sleep? If so, you mightiness payment from a mattress that uses cutting borderline slumber exertion to assistance support you cool, conscionable similar the Zoma Boost. The mattress has a cooling screen and a furniture of graphite-infused representation foam. According to the brand, this cooling foam helps to wick distant the vigor and modulate your assemblage temperature. It besides prevents the physique up of moisture wrong the different foam layers which tin beryllium precise beneficial if you slumber hot. 

The borderline   of the Zoma Boost mattress, showing the logo

(Image credit: Zoma)

Then comes its Quilted Gel Foam Layer which provides other enactment for your frame, portion the Reactiv Foam furniture helps to devour up immoderate question successful the furniture and halt you from sinking. The chunky mattress’ 5th furniture is its Dynamic Edge Coils, which are included to enactment your spine and assistance you autumn into a heavy and peaceful sleep. The last summation is its Durable Base Foam which makes for a coagulated structure.  

Manufactured successful the US, the Zoma Boost is made utilizing eco-friendly processes. This includes the all-important CertiPUR-US-certification, meaning it’s escaped of harmful chemicals and debased successful volatile integrated compounds, and making it amended for you and for the planet. 

Design score: 5 retired of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: comfort

The comfortableness of a mattress each comes down to idiosyncratic preference. But connected the firmness scale, Zoma ranks the Boost arsenic a 6 retired of 10, making it a mean steadfast bed. I’d hold with this rating. 

Usually I slumber connected a steadfast outpouring mattress, truthful it took maine a bully fewer nights to get utilized to this softer hybrid feel. However I recovered that erstwhile I woke up I felt refreshed and acceptable to go, which is ever a bully sign. 

When you laic down connected the Boost, you consciousness similar your assemblage is successful betterment mode. That’s due to the fact that the Boost has a definite contoured feeling, but acknowledgment to its Reactiv Foam layer, you don’t consciousness similar you are being swallowed full oregon suspended successful 1 position. When you laic down, the representation foam layers mildly envelop astir your body, cradling it connected apical of the furniture and each clip you find a antithetic presumption the furniture responds to your movement. 

This helped to instrumentality unit disconnected my hep and enarthrosis joints, enactment my little backmost and beforehand amended spinal alignment nary substance whether I tossed and turned from my front, backmost oregon side. As idiosyncratic who rolls betwixt each benignant of slumber presumption imaginable, erstwhile I was utilized to the softer mattress feel, I recovered the Boost to beryllium comfy capable for my 132lbs frame. 

My partner, who is 6ft and weighs 165 lbs, recovered the Boost to beryllium a comfy slumber solution, but helium besides recovered this mattress to beryllium softer than helium would person primitively liked, compared to his preferred steadfast feel. He was blessed capable connected the Boost, though I wouldn’t accidental this mattress is peculiarly supportive for a overmuch heavier individual. 

A value   connected  the Zoma Boost mattress

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

To truly trial and spot with my ain eyes however overmuch sinkage determination was with the Boost, I utilized an 8kg kettlebell value and placed it successful the mediate of the mattress. The representation foam curved astir the value and according to my measuring tape, it sank 1.5 inches which is beauteous modular with a mean steadfast mattress. 

Generally speaking, representation foam is known for retaining vigor — but not the Boost. Sleeping blistery was not a problem. 

Comfort score: 3.5 retired of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: somesthesia regulation

  • Graphite-infused representation foam wicks distant assemblage heat
  • Very bully somesthesia regularisation for a hybrid design 
  • Zero issues with keeping you cool

One of the champion things astir the Zoma Boost is its somesthesia regularisation features. Topped with the precocious cooling cover, the archetypal furniture of the mattress is infused with cooling fibers which helps to sorb vigor for a chill sleep. When you interaction the representation foam layer, it mildly molds to your manus without feeling similar it’s starting to vigor up. While its 2nd graphite-infused representation foam furniture works hard to wick distant vigor truthful you tin stay focused connected sleeping. 

A manus  pressing down   connected  the Zoma Boost mattress

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

According to the brand, this furniture besides digs heavy to amended aerial travel betwixt the foam layers and prevents vigor from being trapped. Being excessively lukewarm is simply a large slumber disruptor and immoderate mattress materials are amended astatine dissipating vigor than others — and adjacent though the Boost contains representation foam (which often has a atrocious rep for retaining heat) it scores apical marks for somesthesia regulation. For context, I tested this mattress during April and May truthful temperatures were astir 57 degrees fahrenheit. But adjacent still, I was wearing fabric pajamas and utilizing fabric sheets and duvet covers on with a silk pillowcase, and I didn’t find this mattress to tally blistery connected immoderate occasion. 

Temperature regularisation score: 5 retired of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: question isolation

  • Scored highly successful each but 1 of our question transportation tests
  • Not perfect for restless sleepers

Good question isolation is important if you oregon your spouse tends to flip and crook successful their sleep. If a mattress has bully question isolation qualities, it tin assistance sorb the question successful the furniture erstwhile you oregon your spouse turns, gets up oregon gets into bed. 

I recovered the Boost to person much question than I would person expected with a premium hybrid mattress arsenic I could consciousness my spouse turning successful furniture connected definite nights. But to assistance objectively trial the question isolation, I placed an bare vino solid successful the halfway of the mattress, and dropped an 8kg kettlebell onto the mattress astatine 4, 10 and 25 inches distant from it. This trial is designed to measurement question transfer, mimicking idiosyncratic other successful the furniture moving presumption and getting successful and retired of bed.

A vino  glass, value   and portion    measurement  connected  the Zoma Boost mattress

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

When I dropped the kettlebell 4 inches distant from the vino glass, it toppled over. When I dropped the value astatine 10, the solid wobbled and astatine 25 inches the solid remained upright. Zoma claims to usage its Reactiv Foam furniture to assistance sorb question and portion it does this connected astir occasions, it is not consistent. Compared to different hybrid mattresses I person tested, I deliberation determination are amended mattresses retired determination for isolating movement. 

Motion isolation score: 3.5 retired of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: borderline support

  • Good borderline enactment astir the afloat perimeter of the mattress
  • Felt afloat assured sitting connected the broadside of the bed
  • Even sinkage passim the mattress

Mattresses aren’t cheap. So erstwhile you put successful a mattress you privation to guarantee the borderline enactment is up to scratch truthful you tin sit, slumber and laic crossed each inch of it. The Boost passed this test. No substance wherever I sat oregon lay, and adjacent connected the borderline of the bed, it didn’t consciousness similar I was going to rotation retired of the bed. It was besides casual to get retired of the bed. 

A value   connected  the borderline   of the Zoma Boost mattress. with a portion    measurement  showing its sinkage

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

To trial the borderline enactment with my ain eyes, I utilized my 8kg kettlebell value to supply a measurement of sinkage astatine each broadside of the furniture and astatine the bottom, and measured it with a portion measure. The results showed the mattress sunk astir 1.5inches, which is beauteous modular for a medium-firm mattress. No substance wherever I tested the sinkage, it seemed to amusement the aforesaid results. 

Edge enactment score: 5 retired of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: setup

  • Mattress delivered vacuum-packed, rolled and boxed
  • Free shipping 
  • Super dense to move 

Most hybrid mattresses travel pre packed, rolled and bundled into a box. And the Zoma Boost is nary different. When you acquisition this mattress you get escaped shipping and you’re capable to usage the FedEx Delivery Manager to docket your preferred transportation time erstwhile you get a notification that the mattress has been shipped. This tin instrumentality betwixt 3-7 days. You’ll besides get fixed a tracking fig truthful you tin ticker your mattress’ movements and guarantee it’s making its mode to you. Mattresses are dense — the Zoma Boost included. So if you wanted, for a terms of $125, you person the prime of  white mitt delivery. 

The Zoma Boost mattress successful  its box

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

When the Zoma Boost arrived, it was successful a container and wrapped successful a choky integrative wrapper. The setup of the furniture took maine longer than I would person liked (30 minutes successful total) arsenic it was a dense mattress. The afloat size weighs 112 pounds and the queen size weighs 130 pounds, truthful it  was beauteous tricky to maneuver. However, I yet managed to rotation the furniture retired of the box, and rip the packaging astir it. Once it was connected the bed, it virtually sprang retired of its integrative covers and expanded. Within minutes, it looked similar it was acceptable to slumber on. Zoma states that you tin prevarication connected your mattress close distant but it mightiness instrumentality up to 8 hours to afloat expand. 

The Zoma Boost mattress connected  a bed, wrapped successful  plastic

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

When a furniture successful a container mattress starts to expand, determination tin beryllium an off-gassing smell. And determination was a noticeable 1 with the Boost. To truly get a consciousness of however beardown the odor was, I near the chamber doorway closed. Around 5 hours later, erstwhile I came back, I could inactive odor it. Overall this lasted for astir 4 days to afloat dissipate. 

Setup score: 3.5 retired of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: lawsuit reviews

  • Five retired of 5 stars scored crossed the board
  • Key positives included somesthesia regulation, comfortableness levels for remainder and quality

At the moment, you tin lone bargain the Zoma Boost via the brand’s website which makes it hard to find reviews elsewhere. As you mightiness person guessed, connected the brand’s website the Zoma Boost scores a apical 5 stars retired of 5 and, astatine the clip of penning this, that’s based connected six reviews. 

Customers mentioned however rested they felt aft utilizing this mattress, and 1 praised its brushed consciousness portion different highlighted however chill and somesthesia regulating this mattress is. 

Despite what I thought, immoderate lawsuit reviews said the mattress was capable to devour up question successful the furniture brilliantly arsenic they were incapable to consciousness their spouse climbing successful oregon retired of bed. Some users besides commented astir the precocious prime of the bed.  All successful all, determination were nary negatives mentioned astir this mattress and each six reviewers scored the Zoma Boost afloat marks. 

Should you bargain the Zoma Boost mattress?

The Zoma Boost mattress connected  a bed, successful  a bedroom

(Image credit: Zoma)

Yes... up to a point. 

If you person a occupation getting to slumber and staying dormant due to the fact that of somesthesia regulation, past this luxurious hybrid bed-in-a-box is 1 of the champion mattresses for keeping you cool, with an precocious cooling screen and graphite-infused representation foam furniture moving hard to wick distant heat. Plus, the Boost is superb astatine offering unit alleviation for joints nary substance what presumption you find yourself in. It besides promotes spinal alignment acknowledgment to the Zoned Edge Coil Supports, and its Reactiv Foam furniture reacts to your movement, meaning you won’t get stuck successful 1 position. If you truly bask having a contoured feeling erstwhile you slumber and similar a mean steadfast mattress, the Boost is ideal. 

However, each this prime comes astatine a terms and for the Boost you’ll wage a premium. Prices commencement astatine astir $1,349 and spell up to $2,748 depending connected the size you choose. This mattress besides had a spot much question than expected, truthful it mightiness impact airy sleepers particularly if you flip and crook oregon you slumber with a spouse who does. The mattress is besides precise dense — which isn’t a occupation if you person 2 radical mounting it up. I would besides accidental this mean steadfast mattress isn’t peculiarly supportive for heavier sleepers, particularly if you thin to slumber connected your front. 

Zoma Boost mattress review: besides consider

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Header Cell - Column 0 Zoma BoostSaatva ClassicThe AllswellHelix Midnight
Queen size priceMSRP $1,749 (usually sold astatine $1,599)MSRP $1,749 (usually sold astatine $1,599)MSRP $1,749 (usually sold astatine $1,599)MSRP $1,749 (usually sold astatine $1,599)
FirmnessMedium-firm (6/10)Plush - steadfast (3 to 8/10)Medium-firm (7/10)Medium (5-6/10)
MaterialsMemory foam, foam, coilsOrganic cotton, representation foam, pocketed coilsQuilted representation foam, polyfoam and pocketed coilsMemory foam, polyfoam, wrapped coils
Depth15 inches11.5 oregon 14.5 inches10 inches12 inches
SizesTwin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, divided kingTwin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, divided kingTwin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, divided kingTwin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, divided king
DeliveryFree modular delivery, $125 achromatic gloveFree achromatic mitt deliveryFreeFree
Trial period100 nights365 nights100 days100 nights
Warranty10 yearsLifetime10 years10 years

How I tested the Zoma Boost mattress

To truly trial retired this mattress, I slept connected the Zoma Boost for 21 nights passim the period of April. At the clip of testing, temperatures ranged from 44°F to 57°F. So temperatures were not peculiarly lukewarm passim the night. 

During investigating I utilized fabric sheets, a fabric duvet screen and a silk pillowcase. My spouse slept with maine successful the furniture during the people of the 21 time play and helium besides gave his sentiment connected the mattress, ranking it connected comfort, performance, question isolation and somesthesia regulation. I besides ran standardized tests to objectively measure softness, borderline support, and question isolation utilizing a portion measure, an 8kg kettlebell and a vino glass. 

Becks is simply a manner writer who specialises successful penning astir wellness and location products, from mattresses to weighted blankets and cooling comforters. She loves a bully pillow for drifting disconnected easy astatine night, arsenic good arsenic a snug duvet for cozier sleeping. 

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